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Gaining 20k Instagram followers can be achieved by following multiple growth strategies. However, if you are still a beginner trying to understand the platform, you can invest in a third-party service to have it instantly and grow your way up from there. These platforms like BulkyFans can help boost your account instantly and provide a shorter path to the top.

Buying 20k Instagram followers package:

There are numerous advantages to investing in the 20k Instagram package;

  1. Accounts with a significant number of followers often attract sponsorship opportunities from brands and draw the attention of other users who usually interact with the same content you represent.
  2. There is another advantage of having a large Follower number base which is the ability to reach a larger audience on a daily basis regardless of the product or service you present.
  3. If you are an influencer looking to expand your reach you know that cultivating a dedicated audience is essential that is why investing in such a package can help you in establishing a good follower base.
  4. If you have recently created a new account and are interested in enjoying the benefits of having a substantial following you can also consider building your popularity by gaining an additional 2k genuine Instagram followers.
  5. You will also find the process easier with BulkyFans since we offer a safe payment gateway that contains many methods to keep you comfortable, you can use any method you feel most safe with, either a bank card to realize the purchase whether it is debit or credit or buy Instagram followers with all cryptocurrencies, and you also have the possibility to make a direct bank transfer.

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Things to do to keep increasing your Instagram growth:

Investing in a followers package will give your account the first push it needs to stand out but you still have to make little effort and follow some tips and tricks for more Instagram growth to maintain a steady followers number and attract even more organic followers.

1. Optimize your profile

The look of your Instagram account matters when it comes to attracting people to your account that is why you must work on 3 necessary points

  1. Have an easy and searchable username
  2. Craft a simple yet interesting caption
  3. work on the overall aesthetic of the posts and have a well-organized profile.

2. Engage with your audience:

Engaging with the audience you have already gained is important to encourage them to interact with you so try answering their DMS as much as possible, as well as replying to their comments to build a little connection with them. This will not only help you keep the audience you have gained interested in the account but also attract even more organic ones as they will feel appreciated by you.

3. Collaborating with other Instagram influencers and profiles

Finding rising profiles and collaborating with them can also be beneficial in attracting more followers. You can partner with other influencers or businesses in your niche for collaboration or to promote your account or one of the posts on their story…

Remember building a stable following base takes time, so just be patient. With the help of BulkyFans and by focusing on creating valuable and interesting content, you will be able to build a loyal and engaged followers list in the long term.


How can I grow Instagram followers?

By optimizing your account, and posting quality content that resonates with your audience consistently you will be able to increase your Instagram followers.

What is the importance of replying to comments on Instagram?

Replying to comments can foster engagement. Do not underestimate those short replies as they will allow you to connect with your audience, provide authentic responses, and help you create a sense of community.

Can Instagram Ads help with follower growth?

Instagram ads can be also an effective tool for reaching a larger audience, if your content seems interesting they are most likely to hit that follow button. However mixing Instagram Ads, purchasing followers, and working on your profile quality will definitely help you reach your goals in a much shorter period of time.

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4 reviews for +20 000 Instagram Followers

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    Manueli figeira

    Amazing service

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    Aline Goria

    Satisfied, thank you Bulky

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    Great job !!🙌🏾👏🏾👏🏾 …

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    Jeorge Carlos Celis

    Very smooth and easy transaction. Results are out in just 2 hrs. Thanks again. Will be sure to avail again soon.

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