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Instagram growth is becoming more challenging year after year with the algorithm being constantly updated. When the platform was first launched collecting a thousand followers was enough to be considered popular, but as time passed and more users joined the app, the algorithm started picking accounts with thousands, and millions of followers. But lately, having a huge follower number is no longer enough, instagram algorithm in 2023 takes into consideration also the engagement rate and the total number of interactions you receive on your posts. So if you recently created a new account and are interested in enjoying the benefits of having substantial followers and engagement, you might want to consider building your popularity by gaining an additional 1000 Instagram Likes.

The importance of Instagram likes

Instagram engagement comes in many forms, and likes are one of the important things the algorithm and other brands -who might want to collaborate with you- take into consideration to measure your account’s engagement and overall account success. That is why, even though growing Instagram followers is important, you have to also shift your focus to engagement and set a strategy on how to make people interact more with your content and increase your likes count.

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Why get Instagram likes from BulkyFans?

It is undeniable that organic growth should be your main focus, but as the number of Instagram users increases day by day, receiving the attention you deserve gets harder, and speeding up the process of getting your first 1,000 Instagram likes through services like BulkyFans can be your best option for the moment.

BulkyFans promises to offer you high-quality and safe service based on your goals and needs while benefiting from many other advantages such as;

  1. Increased visibility; By investing in Instagram likes your posts’s visibility will increase and it will pop up to more people who are usually interested in the same niche you offer. The more likes you have on a post, the more likely it will have a chance to reach the Explore page and reach a larger audience of potential followers.
  2. Time efficiency; Investing in Instagram likes will not only just expand your content visibility, but also save you time. Accumulating likes for posts usually can take time and sometimes the content you worked hard for does not get the attention it deserves, that is why it would be better to mix between organic and purchased likes for better results.
  3. Credibility and trust; When you invest in 1,000 Instagram likes with BulkyFans you will increase your credibility. A higher number of followers, likes and engagement will usually make your account look more trustworthy and will encourage more people to interact with your content.
  4. Better deals; Whether you are a content creator or business owner, having a significant number of engagements will definitely help you land more deals. As a content creator who is looking for collaborations, brands will find you a better fit if you have a decent amount of likes over your posts. But if you are trying to promote your business on Instagram, then users will find you more trustworthy as it will appear that many people like and are interested in your products or services.


Instagram likes are valuable when it comes to increasing your online presence, expanding brand awareness, and increasing engagement. Keep in mind that balance is key and mixing the two forms of growth is the best combo you can use to have a powerful change on your account’s growth.


Is buying Instagram likes from BulkyFans safe?

Usually, investing in Instagram likes or any other service with reputable platforms like BulkyFans is safe and will not expose your account to any suspension since they understand Instagram’s terms of service and prioritize their user’s safety.

Are Instagram likes important?

Instagram likes are important when it comes to measuring the success of your posts and overall account. They not only prove that your posts are worth watching but can also improve your self-confidence and motivation when it comes to content creation.

How to ensure a balance between between purchased likes and genuine ones?

The perfect combo for Instagram growth is the mix between organic and purchased engagement. While purchased likes do give your account a boost in visibility you mustn’t rely on it solely, it is important to focus on attracting organic likes to keep a balanced growth.

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