How to See Who Is Stalking Your Facebook Profile


Curious about who is stalking you on Facebook? What if we told you that there are ways you can rely on to check who is stalking your Facebook profile? Before, the app used to reveal the profiles who constantly stalk you but unfortunately, that feature is no longer available. That is why, we came up with this article to reveal hacks that will help you to see who is stalking your Facebook profile. Keep reading to find out more!

Can you see who is stalking your Facebook profile?

YES! Facebook users can find out which of their friends have been constantly visiting their profile. You will not know when exactly they were visiting it but you will for sure be informed that they are keeping an eye on you especially if you are interested to know if your crush likes you back.

As previously mentioned, people used to have access to check the accounts that are stalking them in settings, but now in 2023 the feature no longer exists due to privacy measures. But no worries, we are going to share with you a few hacks that can help you tell who is stalking your Facebook profile.

1. Third-party apps

One of the best and easiest ways to check who stalks you is by downloading an app that allows you to check Facebook stalkers. There are many apps and platforms available nowadays that can not only reveal who stalked you but also who blocked you or who unfollowed you on Instagram… Once you find the suitable app for your device, you can log in to your profile and you will be able to check many insights about your profile. Now if you want to check who is stalking your Facebook account you might need to upgrade to a paid subscription, or if you would like to keep using the free app version you will need to watch an ad before.

2. Story views

Keep track of who is viewing your stories. Stalkers usually want to keep track of what you are doing so if someone is constantly watching your stories and you always find he did so within only minutes of posting then that person is probably stalking you.


If you receive any notification of an old post being liked by someone or your highlights have been receiving likes then simply the ayre stalking you. Usually, that means they want to know what you have been doing and your online activity.

4. Friend requests

Normally on Facebook, you receive requests from people you have interacted with before, friends, and members of your family. But, if you receive a request from a random person you have never seen before, there is a big chance he or she might be a stalker.

5. Facebook Groups and other social media

A stalker will always want to stay updated on your online activity and they won’t feel satisfied with keeping track of one profile only, but he or she might start sending you requests on other social media platforms, they can follow you on Instagram or add you on Snapchat… The users that stalk you or have an interest in your profile might also start joining the same groups and pages you are a part of, so pay close attention if a name shows up too often on the posts in the groups you join then they might be the stalker you are looking for.

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How to stop people from stalking me?

If you do not feel comfortable with stalkers having access to your account or just random people you do not know constantly checking your account then there is a new feature available with Facebook to protect your privacy. Constantly blocking people is tiring, that is why you can lock your Facebook profile and ignore requests from random people. By locking your profile, accounts -other than your friends- will not be able to check your pictures, your followers list, and what you share on your feed or overall interact with.

Now that you know how to check who is stalking your Facebook profile, you can proceed with implementing the mentioned ways to discover who has been keeping an eye on your account. If you do not want them to have access you can block them or simply lock your profile so you can prevent other potential stalkers from gaining access to your personal life.


Can you see who views your Facebook posts?

Unfortunately no, you can not see who viewed your Facebook post unless they react to it. But there are ways to get an idea of how many people view the post and how popular it is.

Can I know who screenshotted my story?

Unlike Snapchat, Facebook does notify its users if another profile has taken a screenshot of their story, post, video, or anything like that.

Can I see who viewed my Facebook story even if we are not friends?

If your story privacy settings are set to public, then you will be able to see the number of profiles who have viewed your story but not specific follower’s names.

Can someone know I stalked their account on Facebook?

Normally Facebook will not reveal your identity or inform the other person that you stalked them, but a third-party service might discover it, also if you have been checking old posts and liked one of them then the person will know you were checking his or her account.

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