12 Ways to Get More Instagram Followers


it is not deniable anymore that opportunities are continuously growing on Instagram for businesses and content creators. No wonder we all want to grow our profile. So are you having trouble growing your audience despite posting pictures and reels? Welcome to the right place. We have created this guide to teach you the top 12 ways to get more Instagram followers. Keep reading!

How to grow Instagram followers

People are constantly looking to grow their profiles and get more Instagram Followers but do not know the exact tricks and tips that will help them do so. Before diving into tips you can implement in your growth strategy to attract followers, let us do a quick checkup on what you should be knowledgeable about first.

These basic things every content creator and business should know

There are many ways you can increase your Instagram followers, but the easiest one is to make sure your account is visible and findable by everyone. Participate in the community and learn how to use hashtags for your benefit. As well as learn how to create quality content and post only what people will appreciate in order to get more followers.

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12 ways to get more Instagram followers

Before you start optimizing your account you will need to create an Instagram strategy to stay organized and focused. If you are new to Instagram marketing, this can be challenging, but with the right tools you can also grow your Instagram profile just like everyone else.

1. Content Strategy

Without an effective marketing strategy and a clear vision of your goals, the objectives you want to accomplish, and the purpose behind joining Instagram, you do not have much chance to grow your following.

Identify first your target audience and the type of followers you would like to have on your profile, then create a content strategy; plan when will you be posting, how many posts you will be creating each month, and also what type of content you will be producing… All this planning will keep you focused and encourage you to be consistent which users will appreciate and you will get more Instagram followers.

2. Attractive Instagram profile

Instagram is a visual app, it is all about aesthetics. For followers to watch your content it has to be not only high quality but also eye-appealing. So try to take a look into your account, and create a matching and fun feed do not just post randomly and let it look like a random photo album.

Also, check your Instagram name, it has to be relevant to what you present on the account, as well as fill in your Instagram bio with an overall description of the content you produce.

3. Content formats

The Instagram feed contains different content formats, we have feed posts, stories, reels, and videos. Using a combination of the 4 would be best to make the Instagram algorithm notice you and recommend your content to many users. You can also check Instagram analytics to measure your results and define which format works best for your growth goal.

4. Information

Instagram has upgraded its search option. You can now search not only with specific usernames but also keywords, hashtags, and locations.

To bring relevant results and bring your profile to the top search page you will need to optimize the information in your Instagram profile. whenever you have a new post think of hashtags as keywords, and think of the word that you as a user might use to find content similar to what you present. Additionally, you can tag your location over the post so you can appear to users nearby.

5. Partner with influencers

You will definitely find other influencers or content creators who are working in the same niche as you are. Partnering with them can help you grow your Instagram following as well.

You can look for paid partnerships or you can collaborate with other nano-influencers who also want to grow their accounts. You can share each other’s accounts on stories or post a reel or picture together tagging each other’s accounts… There are many ways to let other influencer users know about your account and get more Instagram followers.

6. Be active

If you want to have a consistent growth path, you need to be more engaged and keep your followers updated. Try to produce new content for them as much as possible to keep them interested, together with responding to their questions, and messages and replying to their comments. You can even put some effort into visiting their pages and liking their posts, it will surely make them happy and will be valued by your followers.

7. Instagram Ads

Investing in paid ads can be an effective strategy to grow your audience. Once you start running an ad over a certain post, it will start being exposed to a larger audience day after day and you will notice fast organic growth. The amount of followers you will gain depends on the duration of the ad, the longer you are running it the more people will see your profile and the more followers you will be gaining.

8. Boost followers

Buying Instagram followers is a controversial strategy but it will work to make your account more visible and stand out from other users. There are many platforms that offer Instagram services depending on how much you want to gain. We can advise you to combine this method of growth with the organic one for better results.

If you are a beginner you can get Instagram followers just to establish credibility and authority at first, and then you can continue with organic followers. Having a significant number of followers will make you appear trustworthy and encourage people to check and follow your profile.

9. Be honest

You can gain as many followers as you want, but if you are not truthful and honest with your audience about what you are offering you will lose all of them. Putting effort into establishing an honest and real relationship with your following is key to Instagram’s success and development.

10. Organize stories as highlights

Highlights are groups of selected old stories that you can organize into categories based on the vibe the story gives, its theme, or its topic.

They are usually located at the top of your profile, which more likely makes users check them first before scrolling down to the rest of your feed.

11. Hashtags

Instagram hashtags have been playing a big role in making the user’s content more visible. But randomly dumping the hashtags under your posts is not going to get you any benefit. Be proactive by focusing on specific relevant hashtags and be smart with your selection. Also, keep track of how your hashtags are performing in order to stay updated on any changes you need to make.

12. Promote your account

You can showcase your Instagram account on other social media platforms such as Facebook, and Snapchat… You can reshare specific Instagram content or announcements on other platforms. You can also add your Instagram profile icon with emails, messages, and on your website if you have one.

While growing followers is important for businesses and content creators it is not enough. The engagement rate, likes, comments, and saved posts.. are significant metrics. You can check your analytics to keep track of your account’s growth. The more analyses you consider, the more detailed picture you will receive. it helps you improve your Instagram marketing strategies and succeed on the platform.


Is it hard to gain Instagram followers?

with hard work and correct strategies, a profile of any size can attract followers and grow his or her account.

How to gain followers?

if you post aesthetically pleasing pictures that are high quality you will notice a significant change in your account. Not only Your followers will become more engaged but also you will gain more followers with similar interests to your niche.

What makes a good Instagram page?

All of the best and high-ranked Instagram profiles have a few things in common, including a simple and easy username, a recognizable profile picture, a steady stream of stories, and an aesthetic feed where all the pictures and videos lay together creating a beautiful masterpiece rather than just chaos.

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