Instagram’s Location Feature: Guide for Marketers


Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has been favored by most people especially businesses and people who are promoting their products and services on the platform. And in 2021, a study revealed that eight out of 10 people follow businesses on the platforms. This is good news for Business owners who are trying to increase their management besides their revenue since now they are exposed to a larger audience than before But nowadays being able to attract local customers is still a challenge.

That is why in this article we will be talking about the benefit of using Instagram’s location feature and how it helps with engagement and give you more exposure to attract customers. We will be discovering all the information you need to know and how to use it smartly to engage with your audience.

How is Instagram’s location feature useful?

To find goods and offers, users on Instagram usually search for local businesses. Fortunately, the platform has just the perfect feature for companies; Location Tag! So what is Instagram’s location feature? It is the processing of appending geographic coordinates of where your shop or brand is. It is always shown at the top of the post, just beneath the username.

By using This feature, people nearby will be able to find your business easily. Therefore, you must ensure that your location is labeled correctly if you want to be located.

How to add a location tag over posts?

Once you have a post ready, your picture or video will now appear on a page where you can tag friends or other brands, add a description choose whether to share the content provided on Facebook or not. You will also see Instagram’s location feature, once you click on it, automatically you will see at the top of the list the location suggested by Instagram near where you have taken the picture. If the location is not the correct one then you can scroll down or type in search, choose your location, and proceed with posting like always.

Now you have got it! you have given your Instagram post a location.

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Why is the location feature important for your Instagram marketing strategy?

Creating a tagging location will without a doubt give your account more exposure and visibility to a large audience who might be potential customers. The interactions on posts with tagged Instagram locations are better and have higher ranking engagement on ones without the tag. This feature will:

Put Your Business on the Map; Having a personal and customized Instagram location is the best way to promote your business and place it on the map for social media users.

Similar to hashtags, Instagram’s location makes stories and posts searchable; any hashtag that contains the keyword being searched for is more likely to come up to the user, and the same thing goes for businesses, Users will be able to find your page just by searching the location.

Increase brand awareness; Posts and stories with location tags have a high chance to show up in explore page or location-based stories, increasing visibility and engagement with your brand. Once you start using Instagram’s location feature you will notice a rise in your Instagram analytics.

give you more chances to be found by Instagrammers

All social media algorithms show posts in people’s feeds based on what they interact with most and their prior searches.

If your Chinese food lovers are searching for sushi places or restaurants, they are going to see more posts related to this, and the likelihood of your business appearing increases when you put location tags on your profile.

in brief, Using Instagram’s location feature can be a powerful tactic for brands, it requires minimum effort and helps increase local businesses. if you have not considered it yet, you should give it a try.

So what are you waiting for? Stand out among the competition, and ramp up your strategy by adding a location to your in-feed posts and stories.


How to do location-based marketing?

Other than tagging your location on your profile, encourage other customers to add the tag to their posts and hashtags to their captions You can also add your @username on a caption or over posts.

How does Instagram use the precise location?

Instagram’s location feature does not make your exact place public or share it with other people, But it is used only to determine a specific location tag if you think of adding it over a post.

Can you tell me the location of any posts on Instagram?

If the user has geotagged a post then you will be able to see the exact location on top of it right under the username. If you want to see where exactly the tag is located, you can click on it and the exact location will be shown on Maps.

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