How to get followers with meta ads


We believe in 2024, everyone should be aware of how important it is and crucial to have a strong social media presence, especially on Instagram since its users are growing day by day and it is considered one of the top 3 best platforms to promote your business, build brand awareness and increase your sales or show off your skills and land better collaborations opportunities. However, it might be challenging, especially for beginners and rising businesses.

At BulkyFans we understand how hard it can be to reach a significant follower count which is why we got you the solution you need. Meta ads or Facebook ads are here for your benefit! And in this blog, we will be discussing everything you need to know on how to get followers with meta ads.

What are Meta Ads?

Meta ads -previously known as Facebook ads- are a feature where businesses, as well as any other user, can create customized ads and target a specific audience to expand their account’s visibility to new people who are usually interested in the same product or content they represent and attract them to follow their accounts, raise sales and many other things which we will be discussing further in this blog.

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How to use Meta ads to increase followers

First is to set up a meta ads account, so how can you do that?

  1. Create a meta business account on Just enter all the information required from you on the page such as the name of the business pages, email address, and other simple details
  2. Create your audience and select the category of people you would like to follow you and those you think would be interested in your service or content. The meta ads give you the option to customize your audience so try choosing ones similar to the followers you already have or profiles that usually interact with the same concept you present to have a better chance of attracting them to follow you and even shop from your website if you have a personal brand.
  3. With your account and audience now created, you can proceed to launch your meta Ads. First things first is to create the meta ads by clicking on the sidebar to start creating one. Once you are done filling all brackets of all pages, you can proceed to add a well-crafted and high-quality video to attract people to check your account because users are more likely to interact with posts that are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

Once everything is set correctly and your Ad is launched, your account followers will be affected indirectly. you must be wondering how. well let us explain; The Ad attached to a specific video or post is meant to increase the engagement under that post specifically and make it visible to a larger audience to get more likes and comments. But if you choose correctly the post or video and add something authentic that is well crafted with the highest quality possible, then you will increase the chance of the audience clicking on your username to head to the account and check other posts that may get your account more followers.

For this reason, you should work not only on the post you’ll run ads on but also on your profile in general and try your best to encourage new users to follow you; Craft a brief yet powerful Instagram bio to provide visitors with a general understanding of you and the product or content you promote. Additionally, improve the aesthetics of your profile and posts as well, and try using matching and calm colors and well-angled pictures to prevent your account from appearing cluttered and to draw in the attention of the visitors.


How to get followers with meta ads?

By selecting the right audience before launching the ads you will be able to indirectly increase the number of followers, so choose the audience based on your preferences and choose the ones that match the followers you already have or the ones that they are usually interested in the same content you represent.

Why is optimizing the profile important?

When you have a well-presented page and have a complete profile picture, well-written bio, and high-quality posts the Meta ads you launched will not go to waste and you are more likely to attract people to hit that follow button.

Are meta ads expensive?

Setting a budget in advance will help you keep organized if you want to start running your meta ads. The cost of the promotion varies based on your objective, the number of audiences you want to target each day, and the number of days you want to keep bringing them. This is great because it means that anybody, regardless of budget, may launch an advertisement; the only thing that will change is the length of the advertising period.

What should I pay attention to while running the Meta ads?

Keep an eye on metrics such as engagement and followers to check whether the rate is increasing, decreasing, or being stable so you can know if you have to change the strategy you work with or not. This checking of data will help you track the account growth and get better results.

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