How to get 1000 likes on Instagram posts?


Instagram likes are an important engagement signal for the Instagram algorithm and other brands if you are looking for collaborations Having a significant number and high engagement numbers is a sign of Instagram success. So If you have been on Instagram for a decent period and your likes are still not increasing post by post or you still have yet to reach the minimum of 1000 likes on Instagram posts then this blog post is for you.

In the following article, we will be revealing some tips and strategies to help you get 1000 likes on Instagram posts.

Get likes on Instagram posts

Achieving a higher number of likes on Instagram posts is a goal everyone strives for and there are several strategies you can implement to increase your likes count. Here are 7 proven tips to get 1000 likes on Instagram posts.

1. Create appealing posts

Since its creation, Instagram has been a visual app. Users will judge your brand and account based on the way it is represented in photos and videos so high-quality content is the core of getting more likes on Instagram. Meaning that the more aesthetically pleasing content you offer, the more likes you will have per post.

2. Learn the hashtags game

Incorporating hashtags will help you reach more people in your targeted niche.

The trick for the hashtags to work is not to just add as many ones as possible but to make sure you include relevant ones that will help you reach the right audience.

Explore more about the importance of hashtags and how to choose them here.

3. Rely on third-party tools

You can buy Instagram likes and instantly increase your post likes count. Getting the help of external services is becoming more common than you think and many platforms such as BulkyFans can help you increase your account’s engagement easily, however, you must not rely on them 100%, the best strategy is to get a mixture of both organic and paid likes; You can use the likes packages only to boost your content the first time you publish the post just to encourage more people to interact with it and encourage organic engagement.

Get Instagram Likes

4. Use all Instagram features

Making the algorithm pick your account is important in making it more visible and increasing your engagement numbers including likes. To do so, try to utilize all The features Instagram offers starting from stories, posts, and highlights…

  1. Different formats of content: It will be better to use a combination of post pictures, reels, and videos to keep the audience entertained and to let the algorithm know that you are more active on the platform.
  2. Link highlights and posts: Utilizing all Instagram features includes liking a feed post to one of the highlights you registered on your account. This will help with keeping all posts on the account connected and get you more visibility and likes on each one of them.
  3. Use Location tags: People who use Instagram’s location feature tags on their Instagram posts will more likely get a higher engagement than others. This can be helpful for businesses to target customers nearby, as well as influencers to make their posts reach more audiences in the region.

5. Be creative

Producing unique content is key to getting as many likes as possible. People are more likely to engage with the content they see for the first time, so try to avoid copying trends and create new ideas for the audience to watch.

6. Prioritize REELS

Short video content has dominated all social media apps and Instagram algorithm is now changing; many social media experts advise focusing on the creation of reels more than picture posts.

Instagram REELS is the easiest way to go viral on the app and get more engagement since most people now are scrolling all the time watching short videos, so your chances of reaching more audience increase by prioritizing the reels. So as long as you focus on creating quality and trendy content earlier than other creators, you will have a better chance of increasing your likes count.

7. Active hours

Without determining the best time to post on Instagram, the quality of the content will not matter. For you to get the most out of your audience and increase your engagement, you must publish your posts when the followers are most active.

To determine the time when your followers are active the most, you can simply analyze your Instagram analytics. By selecting the best time to publish your posts you will have the chance to get your first likes in a much shorter period and notify the algorithm that your content is being enjoyed by many people so you have a higher chance to appear in the search page and increase your likes even more.


Why do you get a low number of likes on your posts?

Many factors can impact the number of likes you receive per post such as the quality of your posts, to which level your post is interesting, and do you implement some strategies to increase your likes or you are just putting content randomly.

How to get 1000 likes?

Reaching 1000 likes per post is easy if you focus your energy on the quality and type of content you produce as well as when you publish it. The time you post your content is also important to reach as much audience as possible and get more likes.

What is the best time to post on Instagram?

The best time to post on Instagram differs from one account to another. It depends on your followers and the community you are targeting so it will be better to check your account analytics and analyze the time when your followers are most active.

Do hashtags help with getting more likes?

The use of hashtags will indirectly get you more engagement since hashtags are the main feature that helps posts get more visibility and appear to more people.

How many hashtags you can use to get more likes?

Instagram usually allows a total of 30 hashtags per post, however, it is advised to not overuse them and includes a maximum of 8 to 10 hashtags for better results.

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