9 Best Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram in 2024


Instagram has proven to be helpful not only in entertaining users but also in helping business expand their brands and allowing influencers to make money from Instagram. This is why people must know how to grow their Instagram account followers to benefit from the platform.

In this blog, we will be representing 9 Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram in 2024. Let’s get started!

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a free mobile social networking platform for publishing videos and photos. This photo-sharing platform allows its users to post videos and pictures publicly with friends, family, and followers, or privately with close friends. It also enables influencers and businesses to cross-promote their content and share images on social networks like Facebook.

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What is the difference between Instagram and Tiktok?

Even though TikTok and Instagram have been leading platforms lately and both have been able to attract and collect the highest number of monthly active users thanks to their similarities, the platforms still have significant differences that distinguish one from another including:

  1. Audience

One of the primary things that distinguishes both apps from each other is the audiences they attract when it comes to age groups and user behavior.

TikTok’s audience is primarily made up of Gen Z users, Instagram is more popular with Millenials and elders; TikTok has younger users than Instagram, with the majority of them falling between the ages of 18 and 24 years old, regardless of gender. This young bias creates a perfect environment suitable to trends, viral challenges, humor, and creativity, resulting in a varied range of video production; In fact, most trends that went viral on multiple platforms came up first from TikTok.

On the other hand, Instagram attracts a user base of millennials that consists largely of adult males and a significant number of women aged between 25 to 34 years old.

  1. Content

TikTok, unlike Instagram, is entirely focused on short-form videos, whereas Instagram is a well-established visual platform that includes photo-sharing in addition to any type of video format.

TikTok distinguishes itself with its characteristic format: short, vertical videos with interactive elements such as music, voiceovers, images, text overlays, and more. This engaging content aesthetic encourages artistic expression, creativity, and interaction.

Contrary to this, Instagram has always been an app that relies on visually appealing pictures, and it offers users a wide range of post alternatives. The platform is considered an all-in-one app since it combines pictures and photos with Stories and long-form and short-form videos known as ”Instagram Reels” which are similar to TikTok.

  1. Algorithm

TikTok and Instagram are examples of social media sites that use machine learning algorithms to evaluate user activity and distribute information based on each individual’s interests. However, there are a few notable distinctions between the two applications.

TikTok has become known for its highly effective suggestion algorithm, which is based on a user’s scrolling behavior; The platform carefully tracks and examines the videos that users view, like, share, and comment on, as well as the time spent watching each video, to recommend new material to them. Furthermore, due to the way the TikTok algorithm works, you have a better chance of going viral by sharing something relatable and amusing while leveraging trending sounds, using hashtags, and participating in trends.

Conversely, the Instagram algorithm focuses mostly on interests and relationships; The platform’s algorithm examines user behavior, but it also takes into account the profiles they follow, common connections and mutual friends, posts they like, saved posts, and overall interactions within the platform, making it rather difficult to appear on the explore page and increase your visibility to get more Instagram followers.

9 Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram in 2024

9 Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram in 2024

Growing your Instagram followers -specifically as a beginner- can be a challenging task, however, by implementing the right strategies and having a general knowledge of how Instagram works you will be able to grow your followers in no time. Below are some of the strategies that are proven to help increase Instagram follower count.

1 . Get free Instagram followers

As mentioned before, getting Instagram followers can be challenging but not impossible, and as a beginner, it is necessary to have that first push to launch yourself on the platform and BulkyFans can help you get your first followers.

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Other options are available on the website where you can get up to 10k Instagram Followers; The BulkyFans platform believes in partnerships and people who are not ready to invest in Buying Instagram Followers can benefit from free followers by simply collaborating with their team.

2 . Focus on your content

Content is one of the most important factors in determining whether or not people will follow you, so try to focus on developing a content strategy that specifies the type of information you want to give, the exact niche you are targeting, and the quality of the produced content.

Once you’ve created an outstanding content plan, the most effective way to see results is to simply stick to it and be consistent with your daily or weekly posting. Remember to post a variety of content formats, such as reels, pictures, stories, and more. This will keep your followers engaged and will make the algorithm recommend you to many people.

3 . Use meta ads for Instagram followers

Meta ads allow you to run ads on both Facebook and Instagram and it was first created to help businesses generate better income and get more sales, however, people have been utilizing it to get more Instagram followers and it was proven to be helpful.

  1. After creating a meta business account on the following link business.facebook.com and setting up your Ad account, you can set up the audience you wish to target, selecting the ad format and where you want it to paper on Instagram (POST FEED/ REELS FEED). Once all is in place, launch your ad and watch your followers grow gradually.

4 . Collaborate with Influencers to get more Instagram followers

This hack is helpful to businesses the most. If you are trying to promote your brand on Instagram and social media in general, then Influencer marketing is the best thing you can rely on to get more Instagram followers

5 . Buy Instagram followers

If you are looking for instant growth and have no time to waste, then the easiest way to increase your follower count is through investing in a followers package with a third-party service. BulkyFans is one of the famous services from where you can Get Instagram Followers knowing you will receive the best quality of users that will help increase your account’s visibility.

The platform offers multiple packages for reasonable prices so everyone can benefit from their services and by getting 10 000 instagram followers you will be receiving a bonus of free 3k likes to help with your Account engagement.

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You can check them at www.BulkyFans.com

6 . Engage with your followers

People are more likely to be interested in accounts that are active and involved, so in addition to consistent content creation and posting, you should engage your audience by responding to as many comments as possible, following other accounts, and responding to direct messages regularly. This is something that takes time, and many individuals overlook it or forget the “social” aspect of social media when attempting to expand their accounts. However, you will need to devote some time and effort to responding to comments and liking posts from your followers and other fellow content makers to attract more people.

Know that engaging with your audience will allow several individuals to communicate with you, alerting the Instagram algorithm that your material has a greater level of engagement and displaying more of your content to new users.

7 . Power of reels to attract more Instagram followers

Since the launch of Instagram Reels, the platform’s algorithm has been updated and started prioritizing creators that use the short-form video feature. Reels are now an effective way to reach an outside audience different from the one you have now which will help with help you get more Instagram followers and increase the overall engagement of your account.

8 . Checking Instagram Analytics

Checking your Instagram analytics regularly can keep you up to date on what is and is not working for you. For example, you may discover that your audience interacts better with Reels and not posts. Frequent analytics checks influence your content creation strategy and help you understand what improvements you need to make to keep your current followers engaged and attract new ones.

9 . Use hashtags for Instagram followers

Many people underestimate the power of hashtags and are still unaware of how useful they can be; nonetheless, hashtags have played an important role in helping many of Instagram’s content creators gain more followers and brands establish their businesses.

By carefully picking and using trending and relevant hashtags, you can reach a significantly larger audience than if you simply stuck to regular posting. You must understand that when hashtags are utilized correctly and chosen strategically, they can help your profile appear in the top posts for specific keywords, exposing you to a new audience of potential followers and increasing your visibility. Furthermore, many Instagram users actively search for new material using hashtags, so employing the proper hashtags might help you attract an engaged audience who is interested in your content.

So, if you want to become a successful Instagram influencer, don’t underestimate the importance of a strong hashtag strategy in increasing your followers, and remember to follow the other 9 strategies mentioned above to level up the game on Instagram.

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Is buying Instagram services such as followers, likes, comments, and views safe?

Buying Instagram services from reliable sources is 100% safe and is proven to improve your account in terms of visibility and organic growth.

What is the maximum number of hashtags I can use in 1 post?

Instagram usually allows the use of 30 hashtags per post, but it is advisable to use within 10 to 15 hashtags maximum per post.

How many active users are online on Instagram each day?

Generally, Instagram has over 2 billion active users per month with a range of 500 million daily active users.

Can I make money from instagram?

Making money from social media is possible and instagram offers multiple opportunities to help you generate extra income such as becoming an influencer and collaborating with brands.

Will Instagram stay free in the future?

Since the launch of Instagram, it has always been a free photo and video-sharing app that anyone can download and join and it seems like the app will continue to be free to people worldwide.

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