How to watch a user’s Instagram stories anonymously?


Instagram Stories is a well-liked feature that allows users to capture memories by sharing many photographs and videos in a slideshow style. Each of us has probably had the desire to view the Instagram story of an ex-friend or felt curious about what their crush had posted, wondering if it’s possible to watch stories on Instagram without being noticed.

In this blog post, we will answer the well-known question, “How to watch a user’s Instagram stories anonymously,” and collectively discover several strategies and tactics for avoiding being spotted in any story’s viewer list.

How to watch a user’s Instagram stories anonymously?

While you can not see who visited your Instagram profile, there are some tips to follow to see who visited your Instagram profile. On the other hand, when it comes to Instagram views, the person whose story you watch may see a list of all the individuals who have viewed it. However, if you want to watch the story without your name appearing on his list, you can follow these useful steps listed below to view Instagram stories anonymously.

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Create a second account

This is a quick and anonymous method to view any Instagram Story. All you have to do is set up an Instagram account to see stories without revealing your real identity. Having a separate Instagram account has the benefit of allowing you to use it for other activities and grow your Instagram followers without revealing your real identity. For instance, creating content or leveraging it to market your brand…

It’s easy to create a new Instagram account, which will enable you to view any story you choose without disclosing who you are.

Utilize third-party tools

Many external tools are now available to help you have a smooth experience on Instagram. You will find growth services like BulkyFans to increase your account visibility, as well as a variety of external apps that can help you access Instagram Stories anonymously and without being tracked. Using this method has the advantage of making your identity non-trackable effortlessly since it does not require you to create another Instagram account. Utilizing these anonymous Instagram Story tools, you may even download Instagram Stories from a public Instagram account to your smartphone which can not be done directly on Instagram

Do not fully slide

You may click on the Story from another account next to the Instagram Story you wish to see, rather than clicking on the story itself. Instagram Stories are broadcast back-to-back, so you can see the first frame of the story from the following account by just holding your finger down, but you can’t click on it. This means you won’t see your name on a “Seen by” list, but you can still get the general idea of what’s occurring in the first Story.

Similarly, you may see the final frame of someone’s Instagram Story by clicking on the Story of the account after it and quickly scrolling back to see the final Story of that account.

Switch to Airplane mode

You can browse Instagram stories anonymously without installing a third-party program, which makes this technique considerably simpler than using an anonymous Instagram Story viewer app.

All you have to do is open the instagram app, load all the stories, and then switch to airplane mode and view stories. By switching to airplane mode, your connection will be interrupted but you will still be able to see all instagram stories and your username will never be registered on the seen list.

Turn off your WiFi

Similar to airplane mode, all you have to do is launch the Instagram app, close any other apps, and then switch off your WiFi or mobile data to watch your friends or any other user stories. Be aware that reactivating the wifi won’t add your name to the list of stories seen. However, if the internet was connected in the middle of your watching, then your name would be revealed on the list, which is why the airplane mode strategy might be more efficient.

Use a VPN

To access your friends and other users’ stories anonymously, you can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to change your IP address. This method will keep the account owner from recognizing you as a viewer by hiding your IP address.

In brief, watching an Instagram story anonymously is possible by following one of the above methods, however, it might be considered an act of stalking and it will be better to not use it out of bad intentions.


Can people know who viewed their Instagram stories?

Although Instagram does offer a list of all views that have looked at your stories, there are a few ways for viewers to watch a story anonymously, so you’ll never be able to know for sure which accounts have looked through it.

Is it okay to watch stories anonymously?

Although Instagram does not offer a way to view these stories anonymously, you may still watch them anonymously by using certain strategies. This is completely acceptable and legal as long as you refrain from engaging in any harmful activity.

Can users know how many times someone watches their story?

The short answer is NO! Instagram will reveal the Instagram accounts’ usernames that viewed the story but not the number of times they replayed it.

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