How to see who visited your Instagram profile?


Many people join social media platforms to promote their businesses, some are looking for extra income, and others are looking for new connections and want to stay connected with their friends and family. The Instagram platform succeeded in attracting all those types of people thanks to the diverse features it offers and as you post on the platform, your pictures and videos will be seen by many people, either users who might think your account is an inspiration for them, or an old friend stalking where you are in life. So if you are curious about discovering who visited your Instagram profile, this guide will assist you.

Does Instagram have profile views?

Instagram released a few years ago an option where profiles can check people who viewed their profile to help them keep track of their account growth and check if their reach is increasing or not. This feature is available only for Instagram Business accounts, and it will allow them to have access to the visitor number statistics as they grow followers but not specific profile information; Meaning that the insights will display the number of people who have visited your profile in the last seven days or the number of people your profile has reached and have seen your posts in their feed but not the exact profiles and usernames.

The Instagram team always promises that its users’ privacy will be protected by them, therefore someone can’t tell who is viewing their photos if you look through their profile without liking or commenting on any of their posts.

How can you see who viewed your Instagram profile?

To make things clear for you, you cannot exactly see the profile that is stalking your account, but you can use some of the following tactics to discover who is keeping track of your account and the content you post.

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1. Instagram Story

The easiest and most effective way to figure out who is keeping an eye on your profile is to track the list of people who regularly check your stories. If you find any unusual account that does not follow you checking your stories regularly then there is a possibility they might be stalking you.

The only unpractical thing about this method is that the stories are limited to 24 hours only and it is time-consuming since you must keep reviewing your stories regularly to discover the suspicious account.

2. Instagram Highlights

Instagram Highlights are a useful feature for Instagram users who wish to keep their stories longer than 24 hours. These highlights are often shown as circular symbols on the profile page. If you are curious about discovering who has viewed your Instagram story after 24 hours, you can simply create a Story Highlight.

The inconvenient thing about this method is that these Instagram highlights will allow you to see the viewers list for 48 hours, so if more users are viewing your profile and highlights you will not be able to check them.

3. Instagram Business Profile

After switching to a business account, you will be able to gain thousands of followers and Instagram helps you access important information via the ‘Insights’ tab. This feature is not accessible for personal accounts since it was created first to allow influencers and businesses to track their growth and build their marketing strategy. Once you have access to your account analytics, you will be able to see the number of followers your account reaches as well as how many people are visiting your profile.

Unfortunately, Instagram will only collect information after your profile is set to professional one and will not offer past data, also the analytics will not reveal the exact names of the users that are checking your profile but you will still track if the number of people visiting your profile is increasing or not.

4. External sources

If you want an effortless solution then you can try experimenting with third-party platforms and apps to see who visited your Instagram profile. You can scroll and search for apps that provide Instagram analytics services and then install one into your device. Once you allow these apps to access your Instagram account, they will assist you in finding profile views and people who are stalking your account. However, keep in mind that they are not accurate and do not fully rely on their results.

You will be able to find many of these apps on the Play Store and App Store, but even if they might be helping you with your Instagram account analytics, they hardly live up to their claims and compromise your privacy which can put your account under the risk of being restricted or might be in danger of getting hacked easily.


In brief, Instagram is pretty cautious about its users’ privacy and will never reveal the identity of the users that are visiting your profile so if you do not feel comfortable with people constantly checking your profile Instagram does allow you to control your visibility. You can simply make some changes to turn your account private and prevent any outsiders from having access to your posts.


Can I know who visited my Instagram profile?

No! Instagram doesn’t have any feature that allows users to check who has been visiting their profile, ensuring the privacy of everyone on the platform. However, certain third-party platforms can help users have access to who is stalking their profile.

Do Instagram insights show who viewed your profile?

Your profile insights do show you the number your account reaches and how many people visit your profile, but you can’t see exactly which users viewed your profile.

Can someone know that I viewed their Instagram profile?

No, Instagram does not allow users to view who visited their profile so do not worry if you have been visiting some of your friend’s or crush profiles.

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