How to share Tiktok reels on Instagram?


TikTok is a great video-sharing app that allows users to create and share short videos on any topic and content. It is mainly mobile-based although you can still watch TikTok videos using the web app the platform also allows users to be creative with their content using filters, stickers, voiceovers, sound effects, and background music, these features are also available on the Instagram platform which is also a popular and attractive social media app that focuses on sharing photos and videos as well. It has been around since 2010 and has maintained a high level of popularity by adding new and innovative features, such as Instagram stories, shopping, Instagram reels, and more great features that combine these two apps, and also how can you benefit from both by sharing Tiktok clips on Instagram.

How to post TikTok reels to Instagram?

If you shared a video on TikTok and thought it was a hit and you’re OK with the potential for it to be a hit with new viewers and want to repost your TikTok to Instagram, you can share your TikToks to Reels using this simple and easy method:

1. On TikTok find the video you want to repost on Reels and tap the share button.

2. Under sharing options, tap save video, this will save your video to your device.

3. Upload your saved video to Instagram Reels.

If you want to share TikTok reels on Instagram stories another way to repost TikToks on Instagram is to post them to your story. TikTok offers the option to share Stories, which makes it very easy for users to repost TikToks:

1. find the video you want to repost on TikTok and tap Share.

2. Under Sharing options, tap Stories, and you’ll then be taken to the Instagram app where you can add any other effects or additional text you want to your story.

3. Once you’re happy with your post, tap your story at the bottom of the screen to share.

get more views on tiktok

Get more views on TikTok

Is it possible to make money by reposting TikTok reels on Instagram?

The desire to make money by reposting content on platforms like Instagram has become increasingly widespread because everyone wants to make a profit, so we will present you with how to effectively repurpose content and monetize it without violating copyright laws, as well as making a profit. so you must first post motivational content one effective way to repurpose content is to create a topical page on Instagram that focuses on motivational content. by curating and sharing videos from platforms like TikTok, you can focus on attracting a specific audience of high achievers who are looking for motivation and inspiration, as your page grows, you can Become a valuable source of traffic for entrepreneurs looking to sell digital products online, you can also achieve success if your page gains the necessary popularity entrepreneurs may contact you for praise or cooperation by displaying their products or services on your page, you provide them with more customers, and this enables you to continuously generate income and obtain more profits, of course by continuing to motivate and inspire your audience so that your page remains interactive.

So, you can make a sustainable income if you succeed in re-publishing the content you provide.

Are TikTok videos better than Instagram Reels?

Reels Instagram and TikTok are almost identical apps, as they offer very engaging short video formats that offer the same user experience (for example: looping videos, swipe-up navigation, and share buttons placed in the same area) both have in-app features like filters, effects, sounds, and many other photo and video editing features.

But the difference between them is that while using TikTok, users create their videos using the app, while on Instagram, content creators mostly re-upload their existing videos and this is quite evident because we see challenges and trending sounds from the TikTok music library flowing to Instagram. TikToks are more spontaneous and interactive users often create duets to add to someone else’s content, discuss a topic, and even boost the exposure of other content creators. not to mention, a large part of TikTok culture is based on challenges and trends that almost everyone embraces in their videos. Instagram in contrast does not have a duet feature or challenges, and in general, the content posted is mostly self-centered as there is much less interaction between creators. both types of content also allow users to post short videos, with Instagram Reels having a maximum duration of one minute, while TikTok has a maximum duration of three minutes.

The important thing is that the two applications have high quality in terms of video clips, filters, sounds, and many editing features. The simple difference is that TikTok is a more interactive platform for those looking for duets, challenges, and fun as it is a more entertaining application.

In conclusion, if you are looking for popularity and fame, there are many ways that you can benefit from achieving this, and among these methods is re-publishing content. whether via Instagram or YouTube. Therefore, if the videos that you publish on TikTok see that they receive wide popularity and spread, you can republish them and benefit from them on Instagram to gain more fame.

Does posting reels and videos increase my account?

If the videos you publish are of high quality and distinctive and are very popular and popular with the audience, it is natural that this will help you gain more followers and grow your account further.

What is the difference between TikTok and Instagram?

Each of them has its distinct features and functions tailored to meet the different needs of the user. Instagram focuses more on visual storytelling and community, while TikTok focuses on viral entertainment videos so the difference between them is TikTok’s popularity more than Instagram.

What is the limit of TikTok videos?

The duration of TikTok videos varies when you record videos within the app, their duration can range from 15 seconds to three minutes. However, if you are uploading videos to the app they can be up to ten minutes long.

Is it OK to post the same video on TikTok and Instagram?

On TikTok, you can link your Instagram account, and when you record a video check Instagram as a platform to reshare your content. The video will be saved on your device and you will be able to re-share it via Reels. This is a normal thing that many social media users do, as you can publish the same video on all your pages to spread it more.

Does reposting TikTok reels help to get followers?

Reposting can help you increase your following as well as connect with other content creators on the app, and build relationships within the TikTok and Instagram community, so you can use this method to gain more followers.

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