How To Mass Unfollow users on TikTok 2024


It’s simple to accidentally follow someone on TikTok. The little plus button under the users’ profile photo on your For You page can be vulnerable to being mistouched while you scroll through videos. One day you’ll be shocked to discover that many of the individuals on your list are irrelevant to your interests.

Furthermore, since the accounts you follow on TikTok play a huge role in helping the algorithm figure out a general idea of what your interests are so it can recommend new videos for you, your FYP might be affected and you can start seeing videos that might not interest you. Therefore if you think the creators and content shown in your FYP no longer resonate with your vibe anymore or are irrelevant to what you usually like then probably you can start thinking of decluttering your following list and start unfollowing some users.

In this guide, we will explain to you whether you can start fresh and clean your following list and how to mass unfollow users on TikTok.

How to unfollow creators on TikTok?

Many people on TikTok follow some creators just by accident while scrolling through their feeds and watching viral TikTok videos. If you notice you have clicked the red plus under a creator profile you might not be interested in while watching their video, then you can undo the follow by simply swiping to the left and unfollowing them right away.

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How to Mass Unfollow users on TikTok

If you want to refresh your TikTok account and do a mass unfollow to users you do not know or are no longer interested in the content they represent then, unfortunately, the TikTok app still does not allow us to unfollow multiple accounts at once. However. you can rely on 2 ways to help you unfollow unwanted profiles from your account, If you think of unfollowing everyone or you have a couple of hundred and thousand profiles, we advise you to rely on the help of an external service to make the process easier. However, if you have only a few specific profiles to unfollow, you can do so manually and it will not take long. Keep reading to understand more about how and when to use both options.

  1. If you have a few specific profiles you’re no longer interested in then you can simply go to your TikTok account and click on following, then a list of creators and Tiktok accounts that you follow will appear on the screen you can scroll up and down, and click on the following button beside the name of any profile you think is irrelevant or you are no longer interested in and then once the button is red you successfully unfollowed the creator.
  2. The second option you have is to use an unfollow tool or service to get rid of all of the hundreds of accounts that you follow on your account. If you just use Google search to look for “unfollow service,” you are going to find a ton of results. These sites may let you unfollow a lot of people at once for varying fees depending on how many followers you have, Remember that by using such websites and apps, you are opening your account up to the possibility of being banned from TikTok. This is because the instant quick unfollows might be interpreted as spam or bot activity, which could result in your account being temporarily limited or shadowbanned by the platform.

Keep in mind, if you want to keep your account secure and safe from any restrictions or shadowbanning do not exceed a certain number of unfollowes. TikTok sets a limit of 200 unfollows per day, anything more than that might trigger tiktok that will consider your action spam and block it or even restrict your account for a short time.


Will users know if unfollowed them on TiTok?

Unlike following profiles, other accounts will not be notified if you ever unfollow them, however, if they ever check your following they might not find their profiles there and will assume that they have been unfollowed by you.

Can I do a mass unfollow on TikTok?

In 2024, unfollowing many people on TikTok once is still not possible, However unfollowing users on TikTok is much simpler than any other app you can simply click on following beside any profile.

Is it possible to use an unfollow service for TikTok?

You will find many options of paid external services that can help you unfollow many people at the same time, however, some might be detected as spam and trigger TikTok to shadowban your account.

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