16 Tips to Help You Go Viral on TikTok in 2023


Since corona times in 2020, TikTok has gained more popularity and risen to the top. It is not only one of the most used social networks in the world but It has become the third largest one.

With large audiences using the TikTok app every single day, going viral and being recognized can be challenging. Millions of videos are being uploaded every day by different users from different countries, so it takes a lot of work and time to stand out. However, if you are wondering how to go viral on TikTok we have got you covered.

Here are 16 tips to help you go viral on TikTok in 2023.

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How does TikTok work?

Before diving into how to go viral on TikTok, let us understand first how the app works and whether is it different from other social media platforms.

TikTok is known for the variety of content it allows to be famous and presented to the audience. The best thing about the app is that it does not take into consideration the number of followers you have, it gives a chance to all videos to appear in the FYP, and depending on their performance and how people are creating them, it either continues to make it pop on the Fyp or ignores it. So yes, even if you have 0 followers there is a high chance for your video to go viral.

16 tips to go viral on Tiktok

As we mentioned before, TikTok is open to any content and idea users are ready to present as long as it aligns with their community guidelines. So Here are a few tips and strategies that we think are beneficial for you to go viral on TikTok in 2023.

1. Stay updated on Trends

TikTok is known for its constant changes when it comes to trends and popular content as well as soundtracks. So, it is important to stay updated and include popular songs in your videos to increase your chances of going viral. This is the most effective strategy, you need to keep up with the current popping trends. You will be motivated to produce similar content by being aware of what is popular and what is receiving the highest engagement from the TikTok audience.

2. Benefit from Hashtags

Hashtags are the key ranking factor not only in TikTok but in all social media Platforms. If you are a content creator, influencer, or business owner who is looking to expand your reach, then learning the hashtags skill is a must.

On TikTok, using relevant hashtags and a mix of popular and niche ones will help you increase the visibility of your content and increase the chances of it being discovered by a wider audience.

3. Use popular and trending sounds and audio

As we mentioned before, TikTok is under the constant update of new trends and soundtracks, so staying aware of what is most popular each month or two months is crucial to increase your chances of going viral. We suggest adding trendy audio over your videos or as background sounds, this will not only increase your chance to show up on the FYP but people can also find you easily whenever they type the popular sound name.

4. Create your personal audio

Now when it comes to creating your own audio it does not mean necessarily music, it could be anything; an ASMR sound, or a quote… You must have noticed that many people have gone viral because of their own audio, something they have said maybe was funny, motivational, or informative…

5. Create engaging content

One of the most essential elements of getting viral on TikTok is creating content that people will engage with and share with their friends and family. If you take a close look at what people on the app share most, you will most likely find that funny and entertaining videos are the type of content individuals feel driven to share. Another theme that’s favored is the educational one. You can think of teaching people something you believe only a select few are aware of… There are many concepts that people on TikTok engage with you only need to make a little effort and conduct a little research to discover more of them.

6. Consistency

The special feature of the TikTok algorithm is that every video you post has an equal opportunity of going viral; meaning that the algorithm does not take into consideration your past video engagement to make it popular, that is why the more you post the better chances you have. Try to plan and follow a consistent publishing schedule when developing your TikTok plan. Being consistent on social media not only TikTok is more important than offering multiple content for a week straight of 2 weeks and then disappearing for another 2 weeks.

7. Choose the right posting time

Along with posting consistently, it is essential to schedule your posts at the right time. You will need to publicize your content at the busiest hours of the day when most people are online since that is when you are most likely to receive views. After all, going viral requires getting as many eyeballs on your Tikrok video as you can. Now there are several time slots during the day where videos go viral, but the best time for you will ultimately depend on your niche, your location, and the location of the audience you are targeting… if you need additional information on the perfect time for your account then you can check your TikTok analytics.

8. Keep it short and simple

In order for the algorithm to keep showing your video on the FYP people need to interact with your video and actually watch it before scrolling to the other one. In order to encourage the audience to watch it, you have to first start the video with a hook so you can eye catch their eye, then keep the video simple and short even though the TikTok app has expanded the video length. Short videos have a higher chance of becoming popular.

9. Engage with the audience

Knowing how to go viral on TikTok in 2023 comes with understanding the importance of creating a sense of community and building a relationship with your audience. You can focus more on replying to comments and answering messages…

10. Interact with other users and creators

apart from only engaging with your audience, you can also engage with other content represented in your feed in the same niche as yours; comment for those creators and repost their videos…

11. Quality

TikTok is obviously a visual app, it is all about aesthetics and high quality. That is why you need to produce eye-appealing videos to give your content more attention. Rely on using different fonts, stickers, zooms, and color grading for your videos to make them look more professional.


12. Collaborations

On TikTok, collaborating with other users can be an excellent strategy to expand your audience. By collaborating with other accounts, you both gain access to each other’s followers and reach new viewers.

When looking for users to collaborate and partner with, take into consideration if they work on your same niche and whether they are relevant to your content to ensure that you get the right kind of attention and attract viewers to your profile.

13. leave some questions unanswered

if you are making a video and you notice that people will be asking a question maybe about the product you are using or a word… Do not answer it! People’s curiosity and the desire to understand will drive them to ask you questions in the comments section which will help you go viral on Titkok.

14. Be controversial

To encourage discussions in your comments section, you can be controversial sometimes not always. If there is a topic society is divided on like the correct way to cook a recipe or if you think a book is overrated… people will jump in the comments with their opinion. The point of this is to only give your opinion on the matter and not offend other people who are against you so be smart and be controversial in a smart way if you want it to work for your benefit.

15. Authenticity

Original and authentic content is more likely to be shared and engaged with more frequently. Do not be afraid to display your true character and personal touch in your videos, because people are more likely to watch and share content from profiles that offer unique and non-copied material.

16. Have fun

Our best tip is to just have fun and enjoy the process. It will take you some time to figure out your favorite style on TikTok especially if you are a beginner, but it does get easier with time. Just remember to enjoy the time you are spending on the app and not force yourself to do anything you are not comfortable with

Now that you have learned all the information you need on how to go viral on TikTok, your next step is to use the suggestions mentioned above to make your own viral videos. Running TikTok ads might be the easiest path and the most efficient approach to be viral in a single day, in addition to the other tricks of course.


How many views are considered viral?

most people consider the videos that collected from 1 to 2 million in a 24h or 48h as viral.

How many followers do I need on TikTok to go viral?

believe it or not, your videos can go viral on TikTok even if you have only 3 followers! The best feature bout TikTok is that it gives a chance for all videos to appear on the ”for you page” even if the profile has little to zero followers.

What makes a video go viral?

Once the TikTok algorithm gives you a chance for your video to appear on the feed, engagement now has the key to opening the door of popularity for you. The more engagement you receive the higher the chance gets for your video to go viral.

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