How to Make Money on X


How to Make Money on X? As far as we know, in 2023 you can make money on any social media platfrom you can think of, whether it is instagram, youtube, facebook or even twitter. Yes, it is now possible to make money on twitter also, -the platfrom that was recently presented as ”X” by Elon Musk-, it has launched an Ads revenue sharing program. The name of the program explains itself, it will allow users to earn an income through enabling ads.

In this article we will be sharing how you can join X ads revenue sharing program, and we will reveal other tips to help you grow and make money on X.

What did Elon Musk add to X Twitter ?

Elon Musk’s X , previously known as Twitter is now actually paying users and splitting monthly revenues with them based on engagements. The platform announced a new X Ads revenue program on February 2023 to encourage users to post more frequently on the platfrom and sign up for the X premium that adds the verification mark over their profile name.

How to join X Ads revenue program?

Elon Musk has introduced a new initiative to help content creators earn money on his X platform through ads revenue.

In order to qualify for X ads revenue sharing some conditions must be followed. The most important of which is the age. The user must have at least 18 years old, with minimum of 500 followers on the account. The profile must also be active and be subscribed on X Premium -previously known as twitter blue-. And lastly you must have organic 5 million impressions on your posts each month for the last three months. If you think your account meets all the requirments than you can apply for the program to get approved and start earning. if not than try to work on your account before applying just to be sure you will not be rejected, in the mean time you can still make money following a different path. Below we will mention other tips that can help you make money on X.

Tips to make money on X

How to Make Money on X

How to Make Money on X

1. create subscriptions

if you have over 500 followers on your X account and you have been active on it for the last 30 days then you are eligible for creating subscriptions and offer sneak peeks on new project and exclusive content to paying subscribers.

you will find the option under the monetization menu; once the team accepts your application you can decide the amount you would like o charge per month to provide exclusive content.

2. Activate X tips

Just like tiktok, X users can receive tips or cash gifts from the followers who support and anjoy seing their content. You can enable the feature from your profile and you will directly receive the tips. Note that full cash gift will be received and X does not share apart of it.

3. Affiliate marketing

The best way to make money on any platfrom is through affiliate marketing.

On X you can promote brands and services to your followers through affiliate programs. Once you sign up for one of the programs, you can encourage people to buy products and services using a personalized link.

You can provide for your followers a special link or code that comes with a discount or extra gift, and you can be creative in the way you invite them to purchase from the brand you are promoting. The more people use the code or link, the more money you will be able to make

4. Twitter influence

You can work hard on providing quality content in order to attract people to your account and build a strong fan base. Once you do so, you can consider yourself a Twitter influencer.

Now becoming an influencer is almost like affiliate marketing, you will also be working with different brands and doing promotions except that instead of you looking for affiliate programs the brands will be the one who contact you once they notice the high engagement on your twitter account.

As a twitter influencer you will have the opportunity to not only work with different brands and promote their products but you can also become an official ambassador of luxurious brands and receive payment, as well as constant free PR packages and free products to promote.

In conclusion, making money on X twitter is not as hard as we think it is. With the right knowledge anyone can start receiving an income and make money on X . By building a strong and engaging following base as well as building trust with your audience, you can easily start working with brands and get paid promotions. So remember, post wisely and be creative to attract not only followers but also brands and other famous accounts that you can collaborate with and make money.


how to make money on X twitter?

the easiest way to make money on X is by using sponsored tweets. if you have large following you can contact brands to promote their products and get paid. You can also join the X Ads revenue sharing program that the platform created for content creators and infuencer.

how many followers you need to make money on X ?

you must be first of all at least 18 years old and you must have a minimum of 500 followers. The followers have to be genuine and you need to be active on the account for the last 30 days.

what is X premium?

X pemium is the old twitter blue. It is a monthly subscription that most influencers and celebrities do to add a blu checkmark besides their profile name just like instagram except on X platfrom the option also gives you early access to select new features.

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