How To Filter Instagram Comments?


Since Instagram’s release in 2010, many changes and updates happened on the platform. It has changed from only a photo platform to now presenting videos and lives. But the one thing that remained the same since day one is the comments feature. But with a huge number of daily users, and the presence of many people from different countries as well as different cultures leads to unwanted comments. We notice how many users are posting mean and disrespectful comments over other users’ posts and you may have experienced this if you have a public account. So in order to keep your account from such behaviors, Instagram has made It possible to filter Instagram comments on posts easily, and in this blog, we will help you manage your Instagram comments.

Get Instagram Comments

Get Instagram Comments

What is an Instagram comment?

An Instagram comment is different from a direct message, it is a public response that users can leave in a post, video, or reel. It could be for their favorite celebrity post to show appreciation, or they can comment for their friends and families to express how much they loved the post… But unfortunately, some people have been misusing the comment section and disrespecting others through it that is why, we will be sharing with you tips to help you learn how to filter Instagram comments.

How do Instagram comment filters work?

Instagram comment filters are able to detect inappropriate comments and hide them from the public. The working principle of this filter is to detect all the words that contain aggression, racism, and sexism in the comments and automatically filter them ensuring that they won’t appear under your post anymore. You can also specify exact words and phrases you do not want people to comment on your post.

After enabling the filter to do the work for you and you still notice disrespectful comments under your posts you can manually report them to Instagram and they will be immediately removed. If you wish to have more lovely comments then you can also try to buy Instagram comments for your posts.

How to filter Instagram comments?

The Instagram platform already has its own list of offensive comments that people usually use, and you can set it automatically to filter them out.

You can simply go to settings > privacy> hidden words. Under offensive words, you can turn on the Hide comments and then the advanced comments filtering. This way you successfully enabled the filter and Instagram will be hiding all comments it detects as offensive or disrespectful.

Benefit from Instagram comments filter

Instagram is a platform where unfortunately we still find inappropriate content and comments due to the large number of daily users. Therefore, you might need the comment filter to not be exposed to disrespectful words.

The purpose of enabling the comments filter feature is to detect inappropriate content and delete it so you do not encounter any problems. Especially if you are a content creator on Instagram and have a public account, you are exposed to receiving bad comments from the public which might affect your future social media goals and prevent others from following you. For this reason, you must filter Instagram comments to reduce negative interaction and provide a positive environment to your followers.

How to remove comments from Instagram posts?

If you think that using the Instagram comments filter is not enough, and do not wish anyone to be able to leave a message under your posts, Instagram has made it possible to turn off the comments under any post you like. First, choose the post that has been receiving too many offensive comments, and then click on 3 dots beside the username >select turn off commenting to stop receiving them.


In brief, all profiles who know how to filter Instagram comments are exposed to a more healthy and civil community. The Instagram app is full of disrespectful people who are ready to say any bad thing just to hurt other people’s feelings. Because of this, comment filters are useful for blocking any unfavorable remarks and avoiding tense encounters with disrespectful people and are considered a necessity nowadays whether you are a platform content creator, business owner, or influencer. By minimizing negative interactions and avoiding comments that contain offensive material, you will be able to enjoy the quality time you spend on Instagram.


What type of comments do Instagram filters block?

Every inappropriate comment is blocked by Instagram. The comments that may include abusive words, sexism, racism, and violence… will all be blocked and hidden from the public.

Can I disable the Instagram comments filter?

Yes just like you have enabled it you can follow the same exact steps to disable it.

Do Instagram comment filters remove all bad comments?

The comments filter option is meant to detect all comments, but sometimes you may still encounter some negative comments. If you do so, you can manually report them and contribute to the development of this Instagram filter.

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