Do I get Banned if I Buy followers?


The Instagram app is no longer for personal use only as before. Many businesses have been relying on the platform for advertising interests to promote their brand and the products or services they can provide. Usually, to be successful and make the brand stand out, business owners have to focus on the engagement they receive and the number of followers they have in order to make the audience trust them.

In order to grow their Instagram followers, many lose patience since organic growth is challenging and takes a lot of time, that is why most rely on buying Instagram followers but not everyone feels safe doing so and overthink the process fearing they will lose their accounts.

If you are one of the people who overthink buying Instagram followers and other services, then keep in mind that if you use a trustworthy provider, you can rest assured that your account will be safe and not face any ban. With the many available Instagram services lately, you must be confused when it comes to choosing one of the platforms. So, In this article we will be discussing the credibility of the BulkyFans platform and whether you can get banned if you bought followers from BulkyFans and is buying followers illegal. Our simple answer is No, why is that? keep reading to understand more.

Do I get Banned if I Buy followers from BulkyFans?

The BulkyFans team can offer you many advantages to ensure a smooth experience with them. Their priority is for the customers to feel secure and safe while using the service which is why they offer with each order:

  1. guaranteed service: With each order, you will get 2 guarantees; the first one is to ensure that your account is safe and secure and will not face any suspension from Instagram. and the second guarantee is the 90-day free refill in case you lose any followers you can always contact the technical team to send more followers to your account for free.
  2. high-quality users: All the services offered by BulkyFans come from genuine users who normally real people create to ensure that the Instagram terms of use are respected and your account does not face any blocks.
  3. no artificial bots: The bulkyFans team promises you organic services that are not generated by any artificial bots who usually will unfollow you or get deleted by Instagram within a few hours. This will not only leave your follower count stable but also protect your Instagram account from being banned by Instagram for violating its terms of use.
  4. customer service: All of BulkyFans’ services include an exceptional 24/7 customer support. A team is waiting for you on the other line to answer all your questions and inquiries, as well as solve any issues you have and assist through the whole process of buying followers.
Buy Instagram Followers

Buy Instagram Followers

Should you buy Instagram followers from BulkyFans?

Everyone knows that having a significant followers list is key to success on Instagram especially if you have a business or brand you want to promote on the app or just looking to monetize the account and make money from Instagram then it is crucial to focus on increasing the follower count.

So if that is your case and you are a beginner or just struggling to reach a certain goal then you may need to invest in a followers package because more followers automatically mean more engagement and better visibility to a new audience which will automatically raise your sales numbers or help you land more opportunities if you are a content creator.

The best strategy businesses and content creators or influencers can rely on to notice a huge difference in their accounts is mixing followers’ investment from an external source like BulkyFans with other strategies for organic growth.


Do I get Banned if I Buy Instagram followers?

No, purchasing followers won’t get you banned from Instagram. If you choose a reliable platform to get followers from, Instagram will not suspend or deactivate your account since the followers will be added in a way without violating any terms of use.

Is it okay to buy Instagram followers?

Buying Instagram followers is okay and most of your favorite celebrity or influencer profile did it at some point either for business purposes or to attract more audience to their profile.

Can I Buy Instagram followers without getting banned?

yes, It is possible to get Instagram followers without getting banned. By choosing the correct platform to invest in, you will be able to grow your account safely. Also getting banned is not as easy as most people think it is, if it was then anyone can buy followers for any account to block it but that is not how it works; If you respect Instagram’s terms of use and do not violate any guidelines then you’ll be safe.

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