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If you’re a social media fan, you’ve probably already studied the Instagram algorithm guide in your quest to achieve better engagement for your business account or content, but if you want your Instagram Reels in particular to create a buzz it’s important to know that this Instagram feature has Its algorithm to deal with it. So be ready to discover these strategies.

Instagram Reels, of course, are those short videos that Instagram introduced in 2020 as a competitor to TikTok. Simple editing tools allow creators to use effects and filters, stitch multiple shots together, and even combine music clips to create fun, engaging Instagram Reels in just minutes. Unlike Instagram Stories, they don’t disappear after 24 hours.

But despite all this, no matter how amazing, accurate, and high-quality your video is, your ability to achieve widespread stardom is at the mercy of Instagram’s mighty algorithm the code behind the scenes that decides whether a video will be shown to a huge audience. masses or bury them in secret.

The engagement rate on Instagram reels is 22% higher than any other regular post. but the difficulty here is that to achieve the success of your reels on Instagram, you first need to beat the Instagram reel algorithm because it is the one that decides which content will go viral on the Instagram platform.

In this article, we’ll compile everything you should know about the Instagram reel algorithm and give you some steps that will enable you to improve your reel algorithm and raise its level.

What is the Instagram reel algorithm?

Once you post your clip it goes directly to your followers’ feed. then this is where the Instagram reel algorithm comes into play these algorithms determine where the reel should go next, there are two places on Instagram where one can find reels created by content creators Instagram Reels’ algorithms are responsible for regulating them.

1. It’s a Reel tab, like TikTok’s “For You” features page.

2. It is the “Explore” tab, which provides user stories and regular posts using Reels.

Instagram reel algorithms then determine if your reel is a feature in these two places and if it is, a new audience will be able to explore and search for the things you offer. after you post your reel, this reel algorithm checks it by evaluating several factors by organizing and rating your clip to determine if it will show up in the feed of viewers who don’t follow you.

It is clear that the goal that Instagram seeks is to increase the interaction and spread of its users, and this algorithm helps Instagram achieve this.

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How do I improve my Instagram reel algorithm?

1. Creating quality content

Creating quality content is still at the forefront, and according to the creator’s Instagram account, when viewers click on the reel tab, they expect funny, unique, and entertaining content.

Also, low-quality reels (blurry) do not give viewers an enjoyable experience and do not get a high percentage of views, So before publishing your reels you should make sure that you take care of these things.

2. Choose visually attractive reels

It would help if you used the Instagram application’s camera effect, lenses, and filters because this leads to keeping viewers more engaged. the reel algorithm prefers videos that contain visual skills so you should take advantage of them and do not hesitate to use them if they will add value to your content. If you are ready To create a creative reel, try out all the tricks involved in creating it.

Also, to make your videos more visually attractive for example, shoot the video vertically and avoid low-resolution videos. by following these steps, you can increase user engagement for your reels.

3. Use the correct hashtags

When your reel is complete it’s time to publish it, to increase its visibility make sure you add accurate and relevant tags. Here are some tips for using hashtags.

  1. you should use hashtags that are appropriate to the topic of your content.
  2. Check which hashtags your fans are already using and following.
  3. Mix popular and niche hashtags to expand your discovery.
  4. Use specific hashtags so your fans can easily search for your content.
  5. Keep the number of hashtags around 5.
  6. Don’t use hashtags that have nothing to do with your content.
  7. Don’t use generic hashtags.
  8. Don’t use too many hashtags.

You can be more discoverable to people using these same tips in your clip, and the Instagram reel algorithm will boost your clip in search.


4. Use pupilar/trending songs and music

Using popular music will help you reach a wide audience the Instagram Reel algorithm spreads your reel widely. Instagram also encourages content creators to transcribe music and create their own content. It’s like TikTok’s “Duet” feature where one can transcribe the audio clip and create a reel adds more aesthetics to the clip which makes it attractive in the eyes of the public.

5. Collaborate with influencers

People will love your video and it will be more popular if it includes influencers. if users like your video more, it shows that the reel algorithm will also like your video and it is more likely to be shown in users’ feeds, the audience likes to see most of the reels in which influencers appear, so try to have a cooperative relationship between you and the influencers so that each of you can benefit from this.

6. Create a reel of stories and posts

Did you know that you can now create a clip from your posts and stories?

Making a video using still images or stories is a good idea but before doing anything you should make sure before adding still images to your reel that you change your methods and add filters to the still images to avoid repetitive content.

Viewers can navigate your gallery through that reel, so you should avoid showing them repetitive information as this will make what you present seem boring.

Are 1000 views on reels good?

Getting 1,000 views on your reels is not enough for the clip to be considered viral, because it is very easy to get this amount of views, but to get a larger number and to increase the chances of your Instagram post spreading, make sure that the original video of the audio got one million views.

Going viral on Reels means that your content is reaching more people than it normally would and also indicates that your videos are getting more attention than before, In addition, you should not forget that you can earn money based on the views of your reels. the more views your reels get greater your profits. If you are a content creator this is excellent news and an even greater incentive for you to put the effort into creating creative and unique reels.


Why are my reel views so low?

If your videos aren’t grabbing your audience’s attention and aren’t getting the attention they deserve, they may not be as likely to watch them or share them with others the size of your audience may have changed. If you gain or lose followers or if the demographics of your audience change toward a decrease in number, this may negatively affect the number of views your Reels receive and you may get fewer views than before.

However, if your rollers are not spreading as expected then it is necessary to analyze the reasons behind this. many factors can contribute to a lack of traction, such as improper use of hashtags, uninteresting or low-quality content, lack of audience engagement, or even the ever-evolving Instagram algorithm.

Conclusion: The rank of the Instagram reel and its algorithm

And now we have reached the end of our article. I want to sum it up by saying that it is easy to rank your reels on Instagram if you follow the right method that we have already explained to you, and you can beat the Instagram reels algorithms and succeed in Instagram reels in 2024.

Understanding how this algorithm works can help you build a strategy for your Instagram videos to keep you ahead of your competitors and reach a wider, more engaged audience.


What are the best times to post reels on Instagram?

The best time to post your clip is when the maximum audience is online. every week, every day, there are different times that experts suggest to deploy the reel. according to Huitsoot, the best times to post clips on Instagram are from 9:00 AM to 12 PM, and this is considered an ideal time to post your videos and clips on your page.

How many reels should I post a day?

The Instagram platform does not have a strict limit on the number of reels you can post daily on your page. However, it is recommended that you post no more than 3-5 reels per day as it is a suitable number for you. this is because posting more than this may lead to overloading your followers’ feeds and may not be effective in getting more views.

Why my reels are not going viral?

If your reels are not going viral as expected, it is necessary to look for the reasons behind this to address them such as improper use of hashtags, lack of quality of your content, or lack of audience engagement with you.

Does rewatching a reel count as a view?

Yes, it does as Instagram counts repeat views, and rewatching a clip can affect the number of views on Instagram.

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