BREAKING, Meta Down: Instagram Down For Thousands of Users Across The World


Facebook and Instagram Down, which together have over a billion users, are two of the most popular five social media platforms that people utilize especially Instagram which is favored by a broad community that includes both adults and children.

You are likely using Instagram to share your images for fun, or for your business to promote your products and services, which is why it must be frustrating if Instagram is not functioning for you.

Every so often, Instagram users encounter problems with their account, whether it was disabled, an action was blocked, or many other issues that are all related to either violating the Instagram terms of use, excessive posting, or following too many people per day. However, if you can not access your account today and you are sure that you did not violate any terms of use of the platform then no worries you are not alone.

Many people -this Tuesday- are having trouble accessing Instagram services due to unknown technical issues; All Meta-owned platforms stopped working including Facebook logging people out of their accounts unintentionally, and Instagram feeds that were frozen and could not be refreshed.

Instagram Down For Thousands of Users Across The World

Instagram is now Facing issues with its server and if you can not access your account, just know that thousands of other users are also unable to access the platform so do not worry; Many individuals were using their Instagram accounts as usual, scrolling through their feeds, or just trying to upload a new post or story when suddenly everything got blocked and an error message appeared every time they tried to reload their feeds.

Facebook users on the other hand lost full access to their profiles and were logged out of their accounts. People who are making money from social media started having concerns because their source of income was lost without understanding what happened.

If you encountered this scenario this Thursday, you may have assumed that there was a problem with your internet connection or that your app needed an update, as many others did, but Instagram services were down due to some technical issues.

BREAKING, Meta Down: Instagram Down For Thousands of Users Across The World

To be sure that you are facing the same problem thousands of users across the world are facing, there are some signs and things you will notice when you log into your account now which are mentioned below:

  1. Posts on your feed: An error will appear at the bottom of the page when you try to reload your feed. Your favorite influencers, friends, and family posts and stories are not visible.
  2. Disabled DMs: You might get a notification of a new message from your friend or followers but you will not be able to access them since the server is disconnected and can not reload the messages for you.
  3. Instagram Stories: Even stories are blocked and you will simply get an error message when you attempt to click on one of your friends or follow stories.

Meta spokesperson made it clear in ”X” ( previously Twitter) that they are working to solve the issue. ”We’re aware people are having trouble accessing our services. We are working on this now”. This made the X owner Elon Musk take photoshoots at Meta saying ”If you’re reading this post, it’s because our servers are working”.

In brief, it is unusual for Meta to be down, and the times when Instagram and Facebook were not performing are rare, however, this temporary unavailability of Instagram will be fixed. The Instagram team has made it clear that they are resolving the issue as quickly as possible for all users who were impacted, and an apology was made by Meta spokesperson Andy Stone for any inconvenience the users faced today.


Why is Instagram not letting me access my account?

Many people are facing the same issue and are unable to access their accounts for the moment so do not worry, the Instagram team is now working to solve the issue for their users.

Why people can not access Instagram services?

People are upset about not being able to access the Instagram platform, especially influencers, content creators, and business owners who are using the platform for professional purposes and making money from Instagram. Unfortunately, this block is due to unrevealed technical issues but the team is working to fix the platform in the shortest time possible.

Why is your Instagram feed stuck?

There are many reasons why your Instagram might not refresh the feed; lack or inconsistency of the internet connection, outdated app version, or other technical malfunctions which is the case today. The Instagram feed is not uploading not for you only, but for thousands of users around the world.

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